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Now some kinds of payment are provided:
1. By replenishment of balance of a cellular telephone (MTS or Megafon) - the order is subject to payment within 3 days.
2. By payment through Mail of Russia - the order is subject to payment within 5 days.
4. Payment through the Savings Bank of Russia - the order is subject to payment within 5 days.
5. Bank payment (payment through any bank of any region of Russia, including Moscow) - the order is subject to payment within 5 days.
6. On system "Contact" ( - the order is subject to payment within 5 days.
7. Ecash (the order is subject to payment within 3 days):
- YandexMoney.
You can choose and other means of payment in coordination with Administration.

In case of a neopayment during the specified term the order will be cancelled without additional reminders, and the information on the given person (a surname, a name, a patronymic, a residing city) will be brought in "Stop sheet".
Also in "STOP SHEET" the information on debtors (a surname, a name, a patronymic, a city and residing street) is brought. The exception of the list of debtors is made after repayment of an amount of debt + 10 %.


Discounts are given at the single order for the sum:
- 5 000 - 9 999,99 руб - 1,00 %
- 10 000 - 19 999,99 rbl. - 5,00 %
- 20 000 - 29 999,99 rbl. - 7,00 %
- 30 000 and above - 10,00 %.

At achievement of a total sum of all made orders without dependence from time of their fulfilment 50 000 RUB the discount in 3 % without dependence from the order sum (for example, in this case at purchase for the sum in 7 000 руб the size of the total discount will make 3,5 %) in addition is given to the buyer.


Delivery of orders is carried out:
1. Mail of 1st class. It is used on delivery orders on territory of the Russian Federation at will of the customer. Now cost of such kind of delivery makes 100 rbl.
2. Delivery for limits of the Russian Federation. Before the order of the goods it is necessary will address in site Administration. The matter is that:
1. Some subjects are not subject to export for limits of Rossiijsky Federation;
2. Delivery cost very strongly varies from a delivery place.
3. Different ways. You can offer ways of delivery of your order more convenient for you. Thus before the order we ask you to co-ordinate a way offered by you with Administration. Now cost of such of delivey makes 250 rbl.


1. After payment your order in any case will be sent.
2. Any data given by you at registration/payment are confidential and are not subject to disclosure.
3. The administration bears responsibility for delivery of the goods ordered by you. In a case непоступления the goods, the Administration guarantees return of the paid money resources. The given point does not extend on a case when the order is not received through your fault.

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